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The art work of Joanne Paone-Gill is, without a doubt, the most exquisite example of true brilliance and creativity. The stained glass gracing my     living room window is recognized by all visitors as a true work of art, reflective of both the sunlight and the artist. In addition, her paintings, hand-   painted goblets, and sketches are all extraordinary. I know of no artist whose talents are as varied nor as unusual as the work of this amazingly     talented woman.                                                                                                   Joyce M. Saltman, Ed.D, Professor Emeritus of Special Education

                                                                                                                                                                                 Milford, CT and DelRay Beach, Fl


I requested a special order stained glass set for the windows around my front door. I was interested in the four seasons being represented but       left the design to Joanne and what she came up with was incredible. The pieces are truly conversation pieces that have captured the attention of   every visitor we've had since having them installed.  The colors, the texture of the glass--which is 3-D in areas--is breathtaking. The four seasons   are represented but done so in a flowing and cohesive way so the eye is drawn to the whole of the piece and not just the individual components,   which are spectacular in and of themselves. Joanne completed the work far sooner than I was expecting and what we received surpassed our       expectations.                                                                                                                                                                     Elizabeth Fiori, Newtown, PA                                            

I hired Joanne Gill during the Christmas season of 2010 to complete drawings of my grandchildren. She completed four drawings, one of each       family. They were beautifully done and completed before Christmas as she promised. My children were thrilled with the gift.

For Christmas 2013, I commissioned Joanne to create four window hanging stained glass pieces. She again completed these magnificent works   of art before Christmas and helped me wrap them so they would stay safe. My children loved their gifts and the stained glass pieces of art sparkle in their windows. Joanne Gill is a very talented and capable artist who delivers what she promises at a very reasonable rate. I intend to

commission her again in the near future.                                                                                                                       Carol Carbutti, Wallingford, CT


The stained glass panel was absolutely beautiful. I received it today and it exceeds anything I could have hoped for. I dearly love the piece. Saving money for more. Thank you, Joanne, so very much for sharing your talent. Transaction was handled very professionally.  Would not hesitate to do business with this vendor in the future. Love my panel!!!                                                                                                    Patty Metrick, Beckley, WV


My mother-in-law passed last year and I commissioned two sketches of her, one for her sister and one for her husband. There were tears and       not just from the receivers of those sketches.  Joanne somehow captured the personality of my mother-in-law in those sketches, every detail         exquisitely done. Her work is exceptional and yet she does so in a timely manner. Special care is also taken to ensure your art arrives in pristine     condition.                                                                                                                                                                          Elizabeth Fiori, Newtown, PA


I received my glass piece today when I got home from work :-).  It is truly beautiful and I am excited to be able to hang it for Thanksgiving when the family comes over!!!!!  Thank you for all the time and love you put in creating this piece.  You packed it extremely well.  I was a bit nervous opening it because the box showed some tears and rips.....but the inside was not damaged. You have one happy customer in Florida. Have a wonderful holiday season.                                                                                                                                                                 Cathy Gibbs, Winter Park, FL


Joanne is a multimedia artist, who brings her talents to us in so many beautiful ways.  Starting with a vision, she brings each project to reality with a holistic plan and a keen eye to every part of the whole.  I gave her a 2" black and white photo of my handsome Father at age 22 and she was able to duplicate the image in an 8x10" pencil drawing that is remarkable down to every curve in his wavy hair and the depth of his brown eyes.  She followed that up with an equally beautiful portrait of my Mother at about the same age.  Both drawings hang in our Southern home as cherished treasures of family.  As an artist myself, I truly admire Joanne's  creative spirit and attention to detail. I enjoy seeing her new works grow out of her life experience and inspiration.                                                                                                          Peggy Lauria, Psy.D., Hilton Head, SC


I received the stained glass today.  It is so beautiful and I love it.  I can’t thank you enough for the gorgeous work of art.  It will be proudly displayed in the window by my front door for many years to come.  Thanks again it has been a pleasure.                                    Jean Robbins, Carrollton, TX


I purchased a new house in May and wanted to do something unique in the landing window on the stairs.  My ask to Joanne was rather vague, I wanted design ideas for something mystical.  Joanne took my asks then, based on pictures of my home, assessed my style and turned around in only a week or two several well detailed design mock-ups that not only met my ask but also reflected my style and even the color themes in my house.  I expected it would take months for Joanne to make a piece of this size and detail, but she was done in a few weeks.  Joanne is an exceedingly talented artist. The detail and craftsmanship are just exquisite and everyone who comes to my house is in awe of this piece.  I couldn’t be happier with the final product, the timing it took to make or the very reasonable price.  It is a one of a kind piece from a one of a kind artist!                                                                                                                                                                  Audrey Boecklen, Newtown, PA


Joanne's drawings are amazing. I enjoy watching the process and seeing her drawings lined up in her studio. As I admire them and say, Joanne your client is going to love it..she usually says. Jane that's not finished. Your'e kidding I can you make it better...come by next week and you'll see. So I do..and am always amazed at just how much more realistic her drawings are. She pays attention to every detail-the eyes, hair, smile lines. She's a perfectionist and never presents the finished product until it suits her fancy. Sometimes artists are so protective of their work-if you don't like it...too bad. Not Joanne, she aims to please...and believe me when I say that..she does! Joanne is a great person to work with. She's so compassionate and intuitive, understanding what her clients are looking for. I've seen her client drawings of beloved animals that have passed away...she's so concerned that she gets it right. When a person wants to memorialize their pet via a portrait, it's important and Joanne truly understands the significance of it. She loves her art and you will too!                                                                           Jane Snaider, New Haven, CT


Had the stained glass custom made. truly loved what joanne created. will come back to her for my next purchase.            G.C. Rivera, Boston, MA


Working with Joanne has been wonderful! We had her custom make two sidelight stained glass window panes for our front door. She was so very patient with us and interpreted our wishes so well! They are absolutely beautiful! I would absolutely work with her again.

                                                                                                                                                                                         Jeri Hitchcock, Marshfield, WI


I custom ordered my piece for my birthday. I wanted some color for my kitchen since there are no walls and only windows. It is a beautifully elegant pane. I have purchased other "fun" art on Etsy before, and Joanne's work is truly talented work, first class. I also appreciated being able to visualize the colors before she constructed the piece. It really helped to match my decor. Joanne was a joy to work with as well; she was patient and she truly enjoys her work. I could not be more pleased.                                                                                           Jennifer Gadams, Norfolk, VA


Joanne was the greatest from the moment I decided to get the piece. She was in constant contact making sure the piece would fit and hang correctly!!! You won't be disappointed if you choose one of her beautiful pieces!!!                                                             Angela Laria, Hingham, MA


Joanne's glass piece was "interesting and the spaces between the glass....simple but it!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Suz Kling, Bandon, OR


Looks amazing in my transom window! Love how it turned out... quality unique piece that I can pass on to future generations :)

                                                                                                                                                                                              Becki Paske, Callahan, FL


In real life it looks better than the picture. We really enjoyed talking to you after the short drive to your home to pick it up. It really made my wife's birthday!                                                                                                                                                                                Steve Wagar, Norwalk, CT


I am such a fan of Joanne Paone-Gill’s artwork! My first piece from her was a gift… a portrait of my beloved dog shortly after she died. I cannot describe how well she captured not only the physical aspect but the spirit of Odey – it was in the eyes! My second gift was a stained glass hanging for my kitchen… a very unique and striking piece! I receive so many compliments from this hanging! It picks up the colors in my kitchen and helps me welcome the day when the sun rises through the prisms of glass as I have my morning cup of coffee.  Without a doubt, I highly recommend Joanne’s art to anyone, and not because she is my mom, but because she truly is amazingly talented!!                  Elise Archibald, New Britain, CT




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