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Joanne Paone-Gill



Artist Statement



The passion and enthusiasm I experience when creating a piece of art guides my mind and hand regardless of what medium I choose. I love the translucency of glass, the flexibility of the brush, the softness of the pencil... and I become entranced in another world with each form.


Inspiration for much of my work comes from simple influences… first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience. Antoni Gaudi's architecture motivated me to design a stained glass piece capturing a mosaic mood where light reflects on glass to create a kaleidoscope of colors.  A walk through my garden stimulated me to paint the stamen of a beautiful lily. The face of a homeless woman showing years of conflict inspired me to draw her portrait.


Life is what excites me… what fuels my energy to create. Whether it be a particle in the sand or a newborn baby, my desire to capture it and give it life becomes my personal drive. Hopefully my work speaks for itself and conveys that energy to you, the viewer.




Regarding my stained glass art pieces… they are all original… designed and created by me. From the glass sheet to the finished piece, my hand is involved in every step. (I need to use hand lotion a lot!!) I do not and never will work from a published pattern.


I like to play with the glass. Sometimes I fuse it and mix it with the the Tiffany-style copper foil method. Sometimes I add agates or beads or wire or whatever suits my fancy at the time! I have marble chips now. Hmmmm.... How can I use those?? Each piece of stained glass is hand-cut, copper foiled and individually wrapped, then soldered in my home studio by me. I surround the piece in zinc or in brass for a sturdy frame.


Regarding my drawings… They, too, are created solely by hand. I do not use computers or projectors. I do, however, use my eyes!!


Regarding my paintings… Sometimes I sit outside in my garden and paint the flowers that surround me; other times I drive to scenic areas, take photos and then use different components from each photo to create the painting; but then again, I can see a beautiful picture that calls to me to reproduce it in a painting. 


I am environmentally conscious and ship green, which of course means I try to use recycled boxes and packing material that my friends and family give me. (Holidays provide tons of boxes for me!) My package may not always be the prettiest, but what you get inside is!!!


Bottom line... I absolutely LOVE what I do! My mood directs me. Painting? Drawing? Stained Glass? What awaits me tomorrow ??.... ??

                                                                                                                  Joanne Paone-Gill











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